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Whit Moose Sr.
Hoy’s son, Whit, joined the pharmacy in 1960 after graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill. Under his direction the pharmacy adapted to a changing model of healthcare. At the beginning of his career, pharmacists compounded the majority of medicines. Very few drugs were manufactured. By the end of his career almost all drugs were pre-made and the choice of medications grew from a few hundred to several thousand. Changes in health insurance created rising costs and shrinking margins. Whit Sr. answered the challenge by limiting the number of gift and household items the store carried to tighten their focus on healthcare products and services. He also oversaw the renovation of the Mount Pleasant store and opened locations in Concord and later Midland.

During his career, he shared the family business with sons Whit Jr. and Joe. Both brothers grew up in the pharmacy playing and enjoying the ice cream as children, helping out as teenagers, and joining their father as pharmacists as adults. Although Whit Sr. is now retired, he still plays an active role inthe pharmacy.

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