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Hoy Moose
Hoy Moose, A.W.’s youngest son, was the first in the family to study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He returned to work at the pharmacy in 1927. In 1928, A.W. died and the pharmacy burned in a fire that swept through the town. That didn’t prevent any patients from missing a prescription. Hoy bought new supplies and opened in a temporary space. He rebuilt the store in the same location. Today, the Mount Pleasant store still features a wall-length wooden display and tables and chairs in the soda fountain that were bought by Hoy in 1928. The soda fountain is still a community gathering place, and a favorite stop for ice cream.

Hoy worked in the pharmacy well into his 80s. He always stayed focused on their customers and the community. Whit Jr. and Joe both remember their grandfather personally traveling to Charlotte every week to order supplies from their wholesalers. He was careful with money but big hearted. “We have old prescription bottles where he would put nails and screws,” said Whit Jr. “If a kid came in, he’d give them an ice cream. He’d spend 20 minutes to save a nickel on a nail and give away a quarters worth of ice cream.”

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