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A.W. Moose
Dr. John Moose was a successful physician in Mount Pleasant. In the 1800’s, doctors compounded or made medication for their patients. His practice was so successful he felt that he could better serve his community by having someone else do the compounding. After attending pharmacy school at the University of Maryland, that someone was his brother Archibald Walter Moose. In 1882, A.W. opened A.W. Moose Drug Company in downtown Mount Pleasant on the same location where it stands today. Besides being the town’s first pharmacist, he was also the first to have piped water and a telephone.

John and A.W.’s siblings went into healthcare as well. Gurley studied pharmacy at the University of Maryland becoming one of the school’s youngest graduates. He later attended medical school and went on to practice medicine until his death in 1933. Lee earned a pharmacy degree from the University of Maryland and worked at the family pharmacy for awhile before becoming a research and development director for Vick’s Chemical Company. Paul studied pharmacy and worked at Moose Drug until his death the late 1960s. Elaine became a nurse and worked for the American Red Cross. Ella married a mill operator. Her daughter married a local physician.

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